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At Perimeter Solutions, we have the expertise to meet any timber hoarding requirement. Our team works throughout the UK, designing and installing hoarding that is fully compliant with all the relevant temporary works guidelines.  Every project will have a site-specific wind loading design which is backed by professional indemnity insurance. By drawing upon our close links with top 100 UK contractors, we’ve developed an approach that anticipates and addresses the challenges found on construction sites across the country. As a result, our clients can rely on us to provide the ideal timber hoarding solution for their project requirements, safely, swiftly, and reliably.

What are the benefits of timber hoarding?

Timber hoarding has long been a vital element of any construction project. Take a quick look at the key benefits and discover why this temporary structure is so advantageous.

Block site visibility

Solid timber hoarding blocks clear lines of sight onto your construction site. This adds privacy and makes the site a less appealing target for thieves.

Prevent unauthorised entry

As a physical barrier, timber hoarding prevents unauthorised entry. This reduces theft and prevents intruders from unwittingly injuring themselves on site.

Minimise risks to the public

Hoarding acts as a control measure that prevents on-site activities from impacting the general public. Site safety is a key priority for any responsible contractor.

Showcase your branding

As a solid, public-facing surface, hoarding presents the ideal opportunity to advertise your company (or other stakeholders) to passersby.

Reduce your environmental impact

All the timber we use comes from FSC or PEFC sources and is 100% recycled, reused, or used as a fuel source as the end of its lifetime. Alternatively, consider EnviroHoard™ sustainable hoarding for your project.

Fully designed and backed by insurance

Every project will have a site-specific wind loading design which is backed by professional indemnity insurance. In line with our strict approach to health and safety, we operate on the principle that we will only install hoarding if a temporary works design is in place.

Quality of install

All timber we use will be certified to match the stress grading requirements of the site-specific design. By providing the necessary stress performance certificate we ensure that your hoarding can be insured.

Efficient timber hoarding installation

Our installation team is highly experienced and has completed projects throughout the UK to an impeccable standard. We’ll be able to design and supply the ideal timber hoarding solution for your project, identifying opportunities to reduce costs or engineer value. As a business, we’ve formed close relationships with suppliers throughout the UK. This allows us to source materials locally, even when they’re in short supply, and to reduce lead times. By working with us, you’ll experience these benefits and more; our modern processes guarantee a quick response to queries and convenient digital paperwork. Plus, as well as the quality of our workmanship, we’ve built a reputation for our safe working practices. We take health and safety seriously and will ensure that your timber hoarding is installed professionally and responsibly.

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We’ve successfully completed timber hoarding projects of all sizes throughout the UK. To add yours to the list, simply call 01474 702233 or email sales@perimeter-solutions.co.uk and tell us your requirements.

Our process


Step one: Make an enquiry

Contact our team and you’ll be assigned a dedicated point of contact who’ll work with you throughout the quotation process. Tell us your requirements and we’ll supply the ideal solution.


Step two: Site visit

We have a thorough understanding of hoarding and the regulations surrounding these temporary works. Nonetheless, if we need additional information about your project we’ll arrange a convenient site visit.


Step three: Quoting

We’ll provide a detailed quotation for your timber hoarding. We pride ourselves on designing solutions that meet all your project requirements as cost effectively as possible.


Step four: Work begins

Once you decide to proceed you’ll be introduced to a project manager. They’ll oversee the build process and will ensure the project follows the agreed timelines.

Contact Perimeter Solutions for timber hoarding

Timber hoarding is the construction industry’s go-to solution for site security. Get in touch on 01474 702233 or sales@perimeter-solutions.co.uk to speak to our team and ensure that all your hoarding needs are met.

What sets us apart for timber hoarding?

We stand out in the industry due to our detailed understanding of construction legislation and unwavering commitment to upholding quality workmanship and strict safety practices. These qualities have positioned us as one of the most sought-after fencing contractors in the UK. With a wealth of experience and an unwavering commitment to precision, we can handle any timber hoarding project. Our dedicated team, whom we’ve heavily invested in, is the backbone of our success. Our team members are not only highly qualified and extensively trained but also benefit from continuous opportunities for professional development. This allows them to hone their skills and expand our service offerings. We also prioritise health and safety training to guarantee the wellbeing of all personnel across our work sites. Rest assured, by choosing Perimeter Solutions your project will progress without a hitch.

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