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At Perimeter Solutions, we offer a wide range of steel railings for use in school, industrial, and housing settings. Our metal railings are made to give emphasis to either aesthetics, security, or safety, all depending on the setting required of them. We are a well-established contractor that specialises in large-scale exterior works installations and our team are experienced and able to advise which railing system would work best for you. Perimeter Solutions are the perfect choice to install railings at your property. We have the skills, suppliers, and experience to deliver the perfect railing solution every time.

Are railings right for you?

We offer a broad variety of railings, and our team are always happy to advise on what is best suited for your project. We always go above and beyond to deliver a custom solution that perfectly matches our clients’ needs. Take a look at our range and see what sort of railings best suit you.


Vertical bar railings

Vertical bar railings make for a decorative but robust boundary marker. They can come in the form of high level heavy duty security railings that form a formidable barrier, or low level railings with decorative finishes to create an attractive heritage look.


Bowtop railings

Bowtop railings have a softer design than standard vertical bar fencing with distinctive hoops along the top. They form a more aesthetically pleasing boundary to properties without compromising on strength or resilience and are a classic fencing design seen all over the country.


School railings

We supply RoSPA compliant school railings for primary schools, secondary schools, SEND schools, colleges, and universities. In addition to meeting regulation guidelines, we can also customise them in colours of your choosing to match your school’s aesthetic or just for decoration.


Kee-Klamp railings

Kee-Klamp railings are a simple but effective and highly robust low barrier. Their simple design and versatility make them well suited for a huge range of settings and they can be finished by being either galvanised or powdercoated to any standard RAL colour.


Architectural railings

We supply and install high-quality architectural railings for balconies, staircases, canopies, and other structural elements. Available in a variety of materials, these railings are highly practical and useful, while still bringing a decorative element to your project.


Flat bar railings

Flat bar railings are a highly popular railing system. Found on many modern property developments they are heavy duty railings with strong edges that are often grey or metallic in colour. Flat bar railings give a crisp, modern finish to any project.


Installing railings

Our installation teams collectively possesses decades of experience installing railings at a broad spectrum of properties up and down the country. As a company we’ve been operating for over a decade and have installed thousands of metres of different types of railings. In addition to the in-ground formations, we can offer bolt-down solutions and core-drilling to install railings into walls. With so much experience working with the majority of the top 100 UK contractors, we’ve become one of the most sought-after fencing contractors in the country. Our knowledge allows us to manage large work sites and deliver solutions efficiently, effectively, and safely. We have a professional team of well-trained installers with the practical skills, knowledge, and health and safety training to ensure that your railings are installed to the highest standard. Perimeter Solutions is the go-to company for schools and contractors across the UK for railing installations. To find out more about our range of products, flexibility, and customer service just call 01474 702233 or email

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Our process

We have a streamlined process to make your experience with Perimeter Solutions as smooth as possible. Our integrity as a business and customer service is well known in the industry. You can expect fast responses, fair quotes, and excellent communication from our team.


Step one: Make an enquiry

Contact us and explain what sort of railings you’re after. If you don’t have an exact idea, we’re happy to advise and find a solution for you.


Step two: Site visit

A member of our team will visit your site, assess your needs, and suggest railings that would best suit your property and meet your needs.


Step three: Quoting

Where possible we offer a range of quotes, so you have more choice over your railings. All of our quotes are fair and detailed, so you always know what you’re paying for.


Step four: Work begins

Once you’ve chosen the railings and we’ve sourced them from our suppliers, we’ll be able to start work. Our team will be on site to install your new railings safely and efficiently.


Find out more about railings from Perimeter Solutions

We pride ourselves on our great range of high-quality metal railings and the skill of our installation teams. We work all over the country installing railings that enhance your site’s aesthetic and security. Call 01474 702233 or email to find out more.


What sets us apart for railing installation?

There are many fencing contractors out there, so why should you choose Perimeter Solutions for your railings? To start with, we have a level of experience and skill that other contractors cannot match. Our background with top 100 UK construction companies means we have a huge amount of knowledge in the challenges and regulations associated with managing large jobs. We ensure that we employ enough project managers so that every project can receive the care and attention needed to deliver it, and that our clients are constantly communicated with throughout the process. We invest in the qualifications and training of all our installation teams. By doing so, we have built a loyal and highly effective team with the practical skills and safety-conscious mindset. We consistently push our staff to improve their installation techniques and share their knowledge with the rest of our team, celebrating their successes and proudly showcasing their best projects. This level of expertise, teamwork, and skill has made us one of the most well-regarded fencing contractors in the UK. With our range of products, bespoke solutions, expert team, and integrity, there is no better company to install your metal railings.

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