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Perimeter Solutions are one of the UK’s largest specialist fencing contractors and delivers a professional fencing and external works service to the construction industry, businesses, and schools. Since our formation in 2011, we’ve completed complex projects across the country to the highest standards. The quality of our work and reliability has made us extremely popular with our clients, and our integrity as a business has helped us build relationships across the construction industry with suppliers and installers. When you choose Perimeter Solutions you are choosing a well-connected and reputable contractor known for completing jobs other companies cannot and who can reduce lead times when acquiring materials and manpower. Our experts adjust and tailor our huge range of products and services to suit your needs and deliver the perfect solution for your site. For a reputable and well-established fencing contractor, choose Perimeter Solutions.

Our fencing services

Offering an extensive range of fencing, hoarding, and other external works, we will have the product that fits your needs. Take a look and find the option that’s right for you or get in touch with our team and discuss a custom solution. At Perimeter Solutions we pride ourselves on finding bespoke solutions to the most complex projects.


Security fencing

To prevent unwanted entry or egress from sensitive locations, choose Perimeter Solutions to install security fencing. From steel palisade and weldmesh, up to SR1, SR2, SR3, and SR4 rated systems, we provide effective and tested security rated fencing to protect your property and its contents.


Sports fencing

With experience working in sports clubs, schools, and even the Olympics, our team is perfectly qualified to install sports fencing for you. We can also provide ball catch netting, heavy duty hoops, goals, and other sports accessories to ensure your sports venue is professional and protected.


School fencing

Essential to maintaining security and safety, segregating student groups, and managing the flow of people in your school. Our fencing is smart, effective, requires no maintenance, and meets Secure by Design and RoSPA guidelines. We have completed over 300 custom school fencing installations in schools and are one of the most experienced installers in the UK.

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Industrial fencing

Keep your site secure with high-quality industrial fencing. Sturdy, long-lasting, and security-rated, this is the perfect solution to keep your depot or industrial estate safe. Our team also provides additional intrusion deterrents and access control measures to further increase your site’s security.



Essential to controlling the flow of people and vehicles through your property, we can install a huge variety of gates to meet the specific needs of your project. From small pedestrian gates in a playground, right the way up to security rated motorised gates with sophisticated access control and safety features fitted.



Railings are an attractive and practical security measure. They create a secure boundary while still providing an aesthetically pleasing finish. Our metal security railings are all galvanised and powdercoated, giving them an extremely long service life without the threat of rusting.


For a huge range of custom fencing options, choose Perimeter Solutions. With years of experience installing security fencing and working with top UK construction companies we are the team you need to deliver the perfect fencing solution for you.


Architectural fencing

Architectural fencing covers a range of bespoke fencing installations, which are both practical and functional. Perimeter Solutions are leaders in the fencing industry installing custom architectural fencing projects that leave a lasting impression on visitors and clients.

Timber fencing

We are experts in installing timber fencing for our clients. Whether we utilise standard ‘off the shelf’ products, produce an entirely new concept from scratch, we can provide the unique fencing you need. Customisable and of an exceptionally high-quality, our fencing is perfect for a wide variety of properties.



Site hoarding is an effective form of protection for building sites. It helps you ensure that your site is compliant with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, by preventing unauthorised access into your site and keeping our workers and the public safe. A smart installation of hoarding is essential to creating a smart first impression of your business to visitors and clients


External furniture

We can provide a range of extra external furniture to deliver those finishing touches at your site. Our team installs crash barriers, bollards, bike sheds, and more as part of your fencing package to ensure that we are delivering a turnkey solution for you.



Our sister company, Perimeter Solutions Automation, provides automation, access control, and security systems to residences, commercial properties, and construction sites. A different range of services, but the same level of professionalism and expertise.


Our high-quality fencing services

Our professional team at Perimeter Solutions collectively has over one hundred years of experience installing fencing. This expertise and the incredible level of skill our installers possess has made us a highly desirable contractor in the industry. Perimeter Solutions was founded by project managers and quantity surveyors who have worked with top UK construction firms. We’re well acquainted with the specific challenges and regulations associated with large-scale construction projects. Using this experience, we have built a team that is ready and able to respond to these challenges. With high levels of health and safety training we work efficiently and safely on a wide variety of sites across the UK. We have teams of professional installers up and down the country, enabling us to complete projects nationwide. The quality of our installations has earned us a glowing reputation in the industry for our skill, professionalism, and reliability. To find out more you can email or call 01474 702233.

Arrange professional fencing installation

Enquire about any of our services by calling 01474 702233 or emailing Our team will help you find the perfect solution for your project.


Our process

At Perimeter Solutions, we have streamlined our process to deliver an impeccable customer experience from the moment you first contact us. We ensure we understand your needs, communicate clearly and quickly, and provide honest and detailed quotes.


Step one: Make an enquiry

Get in touch and tell us what it is that you’re looking for. We’ll assign you a team member to be your point of contact who you will communicate with you throughout the pricing process.


Step two: Site visit

Your point of contact will visit your site and assess your needs. They’ll be happy to offer their expertise to find the best custom solution for your budget and needs.


Step three: Quoting

Where appropriate we offer a range of quotes to give you further choice in materials and additional services. Our quotes are always fair and detailed, so you know what you’re paying for.


Step four: Work begins

Once we’ve agreed on a quote, we will arrange a start date and begin sourcing materials. We will introduce you to one of our experienced contract managers, who will work with you through to project completion.



What sets us apart?

Perimeter Solutions has a wealth of experience, not just in fencing installation but within the wider construction industry. This expertise allows us to effectively manage large sites, acquire materials of the highest quality and best value, and source the appropriate manpower to complete projects on schedule and on budget. We’ve built strong connections in the industry across the UK allowing us to reduce lead times on supplies and complete projects all over the country. We invest heavily in our team’s professional development to ensure they learn new skills and methods of working, while remaining up to date on their health and safety training. This allows us to grow the quality and variety of our services and ensure that our installers will always be working safely at your site. We are proactive in ensuring that we always complying with the relevant legislation and regulations to create a safe worksite and impeccable finished product. Our reputation for reliability, effectiveness, and skill are unique in the industry, and we are a highly sought-after fencing contractor as a result.

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