Street furniture

For access control and enhanced security, you need gates from Perimeter Solutions. Call 01474 702233.

CTA Services

Bollards, bike sheds, and more. Call 01474 702233 for an incredible range of professionally installed external furniture.

Exterior Furniture

Many of the projects we work on require external furniture items such as cycle stores, bike racks, and bollards. Perimeter Solutions can save you time and money by supplying and installing these alongside our fencing. By utilising our wide-reaching supply chains, we can offer a range of external furniture options to provide practical benefits, or simply for their aesthetic quality. With a wide range of products available, and the door always open for bespoke solutions if you wish, we are certain that we will be able to fulfil the needs of your project. Our team have been installing external furniture for over a decade now and in that time we’ve delivered custom packages at hundreds of sites across the UK. Our installations are all carried by trained professionals who are well-versed in technical skills and health and safety. We are the ideal contractor for all your bespoke external furniture needs.

Is external furniture right for you?

External furniture and other works can sometimes be an afterthought for sites, but at Perimeter Solutions we put just as much care and dedication into their design and installation as any of our other projects. Take a look at the impressive range of products we can install at your site and see what’s right for your requirements.



Our team at Perimeter Solutions can install a range of different bollards at your site. From decorative timber to high security telescopic steel bollards, we can provide the perfect solution for you. Bollards are an essential access control measure that can massively improve the safety and security at the points of entry to your location.


Street furniture

If you need robust but attractive external works, then choose our team. Perimeter Solutions can provide for all of your external and street furniture needs. We can include benches, bins, bin stores, or scooter racks with any of our fencing packages for a quicker install.

Armco Barriers

Armco barriers

We install off-highway crash barriers at our clients’ sites, often around car parks, to contain and guide vehicles and prevent accidental damage to buildings. We offer both single and double height barriers, with either root fix or bolt down options available.

Retaining Walling

Retaining walling

Log retaining walls are a practical and stylish solution. Compared to brick walls, they are quicker to install and can easily accommodate curves and uneven landscape. Retaining walls make for excellent low-level barriers in playgrounds and landscaped areas.


Cycle shelters and racks

Perimeter Solutions can install pre-made bike storage shelters or deliver a custom option to best suit the needs of your project. We can also supply a range of different bike racks to fill them, from the classic Sheffield stands to double height racks to make the best use of the space.


Installing external furniture

Our professional team collectively have more than a century of experience with high-quality external furniture installation. We are a highly sought-after company due to the quality of our installations and the high level of technical skill our team possess. Our expertise stems from our directors’ experience working with top 100 UK construction contractors. This means we have comprehensive knowledge of construction processes and how to manage large sites and installations. We make sure our team are skilled and qualified, providing training and investing heavily in health and safety to ensure they are working safely on your site. Your external furniture will be installed without disruption and to the impeccable standard that you deserve. When you choose Perimeter Solutions for your external furniture installation you are choosing a highly effective and qualified team with years of experience in the industry. For more information email or call 01474 702233.

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Our process

We are a modern company that is experienced with large-scale projects and have applied that expertise to making sure we deliver a smooth and efficient customer experience. We understand that you’re busy, so we prioritise quick responses and good communication to make sure you’re making an informed decision about your external furniture.


Step one: Make an enquiry

Get in touch and let us know what sort of external furniture you’re looking for. Our staff are available to talk you through our range and services.


Step two: Site visit

We’ll arrange a trip to your site to help determine a solution that best meets your needs. We can recommend what we think will work best and suggest alternatives to suit your needs and budget.


Step three: Quoting

We offer a variety of quotes where appropriate for different materials and sizes. This helps you make an informed decision and gives you a range of choices for your external furniture solution.


Step four: Work begins

Once you’ve decided that we’re the contractor for you, we’ll get to work sourcing materials and organising a start date for your project. Our team will be there to install your external furniture safely and efficiently.


Find out more about external furniture for your site

Get in touch with our team on 01474 702233 or to organise external furniture installation. We have years of experience working across the UK to complete additional external works for our fencing clients.


What sets us apart for external furniture?

Perimeter Solutions was founded by quantity surveyors and project managers from top UK contractors. This means that, from our first day as a company, we have been deeply immersed in the construction industry and have an intimate understanding of the processes, challenges, and regulations that are involved. This has lent itself well to our external furniture installations as we know how to efficiently manage large outdoor sites. Our integrity as a business has helped us build strong relationships with suppliers across the UK, reducing lead times for sourcing materials. It has also helped us build a loyal and highly effective team. Some of our installers have been with us for a decade now. We believe in investing in our colleagues, constantly updating our training and ensuring they are qualified and safe at work. By providing proper equipment and proactively investigating where we can improve, we ensure that they’re always working at their best. Our professionalism and the quality of our team make us one of the most highly sought-after contractors in the country. We have the skill, experience, and knowledge you need to make your external furniture installation a success.

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