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At Perimeter Solutions, we deliver tailored fencing solutions that provide you with high levels of security, convenient access points, and practical functions around your site. Sites like plant hire yards, warehouses, and industrial estates often contain large amounts of product as well as expensive and sensitive machinery. Keeping these areas safe and free from intrusion is essential to making sure businesses don’t suffer setbacks or lose money. We have years of experience working with top 100 UK contractors and have completed highly complex projects at sites across the UK, including at depots and data centres. We are the team to choose for a secure and practical solution that will deliver lasting benefits to your industrial site.

An expert fencing company working nationally

No matter where you are in the UK, our team will put arrange a custom solution based on your requirements. This will include a broad range of different fencing and access control options to deliver the optimal protection and convenience for everyone who needs to visit your site.


Security fencing

Perimeter Solutions provides a variety of different security-rated fencing options including A1 (SR1), B3 (SR2), C5 (SR3), and D10 (SR4). These will help deter intrusion and hinder attempts to climb, cut, or tunnel onto your site. We can also offer additional elements like security panels and anti-tamper fixings to enhance your security according to your needs.


Gate automation

You can automate your gate and add any number of sophisticated access controls to regulate who is coming in and out of your site. We work with existing gates and add in new mechanisms or can custom create an entirely new entryway. We’ve installed over 2,000 gates across the UK and know exactly what is required to create that perfect result.


Timber fencing

Timber fencing is a highly versatile solution that is perfect for the less high-security sections of your site. With timber fencing we can restrict access between certain areas, such as keeping visitors from walking where heavy vehicles are being used, or to hide unsightly parts of the site like bin stores. All of our timber fencing options can be tailored to your needs.


External furniture

As part of your fencing package, we also offer a variety of external furniture installations that deliver practical benefits to your site. These include durable crash barriers where vehicles will be in use to protect boundaries and buildings, telescopic bollards to restrict access, and benches and cycle racks to be used by workers and visitors to your site.


Industrial fencing installation

If you’re looking for industrial fencing installed by professionals you can trust, look no further than Perimeter Solutions. We’re based in Kent but work delivering tailored solutions to industrial sites all over the UK and have built up a wealth of experience. Our teams have installed fencing packages for a trading estate in Beckton, a depot in Norwich, and a mixed development site in Harrow with numerous industrial warehouses. With our time spent in the industry and range of projects under our belt, we’ve gained a reputation for completing projects too complex for other contractors. This is all thanks to our skilled installers, many of whom have been with us for years. Everyone who works for us is properly qualified in both technical skills and health and safety. Our new hires are all trained through our apprenticeship scheme or an NVQ course. Everyone receives regular health and safety training, and we open the company to an external audit every year. This ensures we can deliver the high standard of results that our clients have come to expect safely and effectively. When you work with Perimeter Solutions, you’ll be working with a qualified and highly experienced team that is ready to complete your project to the highest level of quality. To find out more about our installation service give us a call on 01474 702233 or send an email to

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Our process

We’ve developed a streamlined process to ensure that your project is handled efficiently and smoothly. We are praised often for our customer experience that delivers accurate quotes and expert advice when you need it.


Step one: Make an enquiry

You’ll be assigned a member of our estimating team as a point of contact. They’ll be there to advise which of our products and services will best suit you.


Step two: Site visit

Our team will come out to your site to begin the quoting process. With an in-person visit they can assess your needs and begin to formulate an ideal solution.


Step three: Quoting

Wherever possible, we will offer you a range of quotes to cover multiple different options or additions. This gives you more choice for your project.


Step four: Work begins

We’ll assign a designed project manager to your project who will organise the fabrication and delivery of materials and a date for installation to begin.

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We have worked with major contractors on projects across the country and gained a reputation as one of the best fencing contractors in the UK. We provide and install a huge range of industrial fencing to meet your needs. To find out more about our services, just get in touch. Call 01474 702233 or email


What sets us apart for industrial fencing?

Perimeter Solutions was founded by project managers and quantity surveyors who originally worked for major UK contractors. This meant that from day one, the business was infused with the knowledge of how to complete and manage large-scale projects and the complex regulations that accompany them. We’ve since grown to become one of the most well-regarded and sought-after industrial fencing contractors in the industry. Our relationships with suppliers and installers have reduced lead times for materials and ensure we can provide manpower for installations all over the country. We are also dedicated to professional development, providing training and support for our team to gain new qualifications to maximise their potential. They then bring these skills and expertise to your project. Our clients are consistently impressed with not just the quality of the installation, but our customer service as well. When you work with Perimeter Solutions, you’ll receive a tailored service from consummate professionals and industry experts.

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