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At Perimeter Solutions, we work diligently to ensure that all our clients receive a unique timber fencing solution that enhances their property and fulfils their requirements. Timber fencing is highly versatile with potential for good value ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions or custom products that create a stylish and dynamic boundary. Timber fencing provides real practical benefits while bringing aesthetic qualities to the site. For over a decade now, we have provided our clients with unique fencing that’s right for them. This can include altering something that already exists on the market or producing a brand-new bespoke design. We will only work with a supplier if they are FSC or PEFC approved, ensuring that our materials are all responsibly sourced. Any offcuts or old timber are recycled to make certain that we are operating in a sustainable manner. With extensive training, years of experience, and unparalleled professionalism, Perimeter Solutions are the best team for your timber fencing install.

Is timber fencing right for you?

When investing in timber fencing, you want to know it’s the right decision. We offer a huge range of options to make sure that there will be something to meet your needs. Our team are always happy to provide support and make suggestions to ensure you get the perfect timber fencing for your needs.

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Closeboard fencing

Timber closeboard creates a cost-effective screen with sound blocking properties. It is supported with either timber or concrete posts to a height of up to 3 metres. We ensure that all our timber closeboard meets British Standard guidelines for safety and quality.

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Timber picket fencing

Also known as palisade fence, timber picket is a decorative fence that allows line of sight while also serving as a low to medium security barrier. This fence provides practical benefits as boundaries to certain areas and controlling foot traffic while looking attractive and stylish.

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Timber hit and miss

With a similar construction to closeboard and picket, hit and miss fencing is specifically designed to provide no sightline through the fence, affording you extra privacy and security. However, the design still allows for airflow, making it suitable for plant compounds and bin stores.

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Acoustic timber fence panels

Perimeter Solutions provides a huge variety of acoustic fencing which helps reduce the transmission of sound. We typically install acoustic fences of 2 to 5 metres in height, although we can go higher. Acoustic barriers can be designed to either reflect sound or absorb it, depending on the materials used.

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Post and rail

A cost-effective low-level fence with a straightforward and classic design, post and rail clearly demarcates a boundary while being quicker to install. Combined with mesh, it can be used for enclosing livestock or as pet containment.

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Installing wood fencing

We have the expertise to bring you a vast range of custom timber fencing solutions. We take the time to understand the specific needs of our clients and combine that with our knowledge of construction and modern fencing techniques to bring you the best possible result for your requirements and budget. We are a modern company with detailed processes to ensure that everything proceeds smoothly. You can expect quick responses and fair quotes. We’ve been operating as a fencing contractor since 2011, and our team collectively has over a century of experience. We also prioritise health and safety training and follow all relevant legislation and regulations to make sure that your fences are safe for your site. We are a highly skilled and well-trained contractor that is fully qualified to take on a huge range of timber fencing installations across the UK.

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Our process


Step one: Make an enquiry

Get in touch with us and we’ll pair you with one of our estimators. They will be your point of contact throughout the whole quoting process.


Step two: Site visit

If required, one of our team members will inspect the site. They’ll work with you to devise a solution that suits your requirements and budget.


Step three: Quoting

We’ll give you a range of quotes. This is to give you several detailed options to choose from so you can find the best solution for your site.


Step four: Work begins

Once we’ve agreed on a quote and the solution that’s right for you work can begin. Our team of professional installers will have your project completed before you know it.

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What sets us apart for timber fencing?

What clearly sets Perimeter Solutions apart from our competition is our experience and connections with the construction industry. We were founded by surveyors from top 100 UK contractors. This means not only do we have expertise in timber fence installation, but we also have the understanding of regulations and requirements and experience managing large sites. Our team is well-equipped to take on the fencing installation at your site. Our reputation in the industry has meant that we can source materials from suppliers even under difficult circumstances which is enormously beneficial to our clients. In addition to this we invest heavily in our team’s training, qualifications, and health and safety. By choosing Perimeter Solutions you’re choosing a highly experienced and knowledgeable company with a well-trained and highly qualified team.

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