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At Perimeter Solutions, we are committed to every one of our installations being fully designed and compliant with legislation. Site hoarding and temporary fencing are classed as temporary works, meaning that each installation is legally required to have a site-specific wind loading design carried out by a qualified engineer. All our temporary fencing and hoarding installations are designed to be safe and secure and are fully covered by professional indemnity insurance. We have years of experience working on construction sites just like yours. Our directors began as surveyors for top 100 UK contractors and they’ve passed that knowledge and expertise on to the rest of the team as we’ve grown. We know the regulations and challenges that come with working on large sites and can work with you to determine any specific needs to put together a bespoke fencing package that suits your budget. We’ve become well-known in the industry for the efficiency of our work and the professionalism of our team. Whether you need hoarding fence panels, tree protection, Heras fencing, or even sophisticated access systems for your site, we can fulfil your requirements. We’ve built a reputation for our reliability and hard work and our strong relationships with our clients mean many of them return to work with us again. You can trust Perimeter Solutions to secure your site effectively and safely.

Temporary fencing and hoarding

We offer a range of temporary fencing and hoarding for a variety of purposes. Take a look and see what works best for your site. Our team is always happy to offer their expert opinion and help find a solution that will perfectly match your needs.


Timber hoarding

A strong, reliable, and adaptable solution to securing the perimeter of your site, wooden hoarding fence is a solid barrier that prevents unauthorised entry and keeps dust and noise contained within the site. Our hoardings can be painted or have graphics attached to promote your business or the development.


Solid steel hoarding

If you require an easily adaptable temporary fence to quickly surround your site, then solid sheet panels can be provided on a purchase or for-hire basis. Steel hoarding can be surface mounted with blocks and backstays, or secure with concreted posts for a more permanent and robust barrier.


Heras fencing

Heras fencing is a temporary weldmesh design that is a quick and cost-effective method for securing a worksite. It is a simple block and mesh design which can be strengthened with additional backstays and is available for hire or purchase from Perimeter Solutions.


Tree protection

Protecting trees on a building site is essential to comply with Tree Protection Orders (TPOs) and protect your company from potential fines. Perimeter Solutions provides high-quality tree protection to secure your worksite and keep any protected trees from damage during your works.


Gates and access

We can incorporate sophisticated pedestrian and vehicle access gates into all our fencing options. At Perimeter Solutions we provide bespoke security systems to suit the specific needs of your site. This can include gates, security huts, and access turnstiles.


Installing timber hoarding

We are the perfect team to install your temporary timber fencing and hoarding. Our experts will be able to advise on the best solution for your site and can suggest alternatives to offer additional benefits or reduce costs. This bespoke service is backed by years of knowledge and experience in the construction industry. Our integrity as a business has also helped us build strong relationships with suppliers, helping us to obtain materials even when they are in short supply and reduce lead times. We have become well known in the industry for our professionalism and our highly efficient and modern processes. You can expect quick responses to any queries, fair and detailed quotes, and detailed paperwork ensuring that everything is accounted for. Our team are highly trained not only in the technical elements, but also in health and safety, ensuring that your install goes off without a hitch.

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For professionally installed temporary fencing and hoarding, contact Perimeter Solutions today. To organise a site visit call 01474 702233 or email sales@perimeter-solutions.co.uk.

Our process


Step one: Make an enquiry

When you first make contact to explain your needs, you’ll immediately be assigned an expert from our team to be your point of contact through the quoting process.


Step two: Site visit

If required, we’ll visit your work site and help you determine what the best solution for you is. We’re well-versed in the regulations and legislative requirements for hoarding.


Step three: Quoting

We offer fair and detailed quotes to ensure that we can provide you the best fencing package possible for your budget.


Step four: Work begins

You’ll be introduced to your dedicated project manager who will be your point of contact throughout the build process. We’ll be ready to begin the hoarding construction at your site on the agreed date.

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Contact Perimeter Solutions for your site hoarding

Keep your site secure from intruders and safe for the public. Our hoarding and temporary works are professionally designed to ensure they are safe and compliant. We secure sites all over the country, so contact us today on 01474 702233 or sales@perimeter-solutions.co.uk.


What sets us apart for hoarding and temporary fencing?

We are distinct in the industry for our strong connections to top 100 UK contractors. Our comprehensive knowledge and adherence to construction legislation and regulations for quality, standards, and safety makes us one of the most highly sought-after fencing contractors in the UK. Our experience and diligence mean we can install an enormous range of temporary fencing at your site with the assurance that everything is compliant with regulations and will function correctly. This is all delivered by our team, who we have invested extensively in to ensure that all our jobs are completed to the high standard our clients deserve. Our team are highly qualified and trained, with opportunities for further professional development to enhance their skills and grow our services. We also require comprehensive health and safety training to make sure that everyone is working safely and correctly on all our work sites. Your job will be completed without any delays. Our diligence, professional team, and industry knowledge makes Perimeter Solutions the premier choice for hoarding and temporary fencing.

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For more information about the range of temporary fencing we offer and our professional installation service, get in touch with our team. Call 01474 702233, email sales@perimeter-solutions.co.uk, or fill in our online contact form.