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Fencing contractor in West Sussex

If you are looking for a company that can provide a flawless custom fencing installation, look no further than Perimeter Solutions Limited. We are a commercial fencing company in West Sussex that has been operating for over 10 years, building a fantastic reputation for our customer service and professional approach. We began as a group of project managers and quantity surveyors who had worked in the construction industry for top 100 contractors. The team concentrated on fencing, taking the knowledge and experience they had gained during large scale projects and refining their processes. This means our team has fantastic experience completing complicated external works and know about the challenges associated with carrying out projects on big construction sites. We have installed a wide range of outstanding fencing in West Sussex and across the UK at several differing sites and properties. Our professionalism, qualifications, and experience make us the perfect contractor for your next fencing project.

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Contact us today for more information about our various fencing solutions. You can call 01474 702233, email, or fill out our online form and we’ll respond as soon as we can.


Fencing company in West Sussex

With so many excellent fencing options available, we are sure to have something that is ideal for your requirements. If you are unsure, our team will assist you in finding the best solution for your site. Our fantastic relationships with fencing suppliers all over the country allow us to source materials faster than other contractors. Browse your installation options and find one that is right for you.


Architectural fencing

Made using robust materials, our architectural fencing is extremely practical. Both built to last and highly customisable, you can rest assured that the outcome will suit the appearance of your site.


School fencing

We offer Secure by Design school fencing for educational institutions throughout the UK. Our team have completed installations all over the place, from universities to SEN and SEND schools.


Security fencing

Make the boundaries at your property more secure with our specifically crafted security fencing. To ensure that your site is fully protected, we offer bespoke security solutions.


Sports fencing

Ideal for arenas, sports fields, and MUGAs, our sports fencing provides key practical benefits to improve the safety and security at any sports premises.


Timber fencing

Both versatile and visually appealing, our timber fencing is very popular. It is sure to match the aesthetics of your property due to being highly customisable.


Fencing design

Should your project have particular needs, we will happily provide structural fencing designs. We will help you put together a custom design that is perfectly suited to your needs and complies with legislation.



Temporary fencing and hoarding are crucial to securing your site. In order to guarantee that you have a safe and effective barrier to your site, we provide timber and steel solutions.


Other external works in West Sussex

We offer various external works in West Sussex that you can benefit from as well as your fencing solution. Our whole range is installed professionally by our experienced team of qualified professionals. Make sure to enquire about these services during preparation for your fencing project.

Fencing installation in West Sussex

Over time, we have shaped our processes so that we can manage projects effectively and make sure we provide the best possible experience for customers. Organising an installation with us is easy, so you can get on with other important matters and leave the rest to us.


Step one: Make an enquiry

Once you have been in touch with our team, a project manager will be assigned to you as a point of contact for your project. They will always be on hand to issue a timely response to any enquiries.


Step two: Site visit

We will schedule a visit to your site to gain a full understanding of your needs. Our team are always happy to provide advice for anyone wanting to determine the most suitable product for them.


Step three: Quoting

It is well-known that we provide fair quotes. We detail everything clearly, meaning you know what you’re paying for. Plus, where necessary, we can offer multiple quotes for each of the various options available to you.


Step four: Work begins

We’ll be ready to plan the start of your project as soon as we’ve settled on a quote. Our team will agree a start date that suits you and will arrive on site punctually to start the installation.


The Best of Our Projects

Have a look at some of the excellent installations we’ve completed in West Sussex and beyond to gain a further insight into what we do. Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself.


What sets us apart?

Founded by specialists in the construction industry, Perimeter Solutions Limited has a team with experience managing large-scale projects. We have excellent connections throughout the country that enable us to source materials and manpower efficiently, allowing us to reduce lead times for our installations in West Sussex and elsewhere. Over time we have put together a team of fencing experts due to our commitment to existing staff, often sending them on courses to boost their skills and qualifications and ensuring their health and safety training is up to standard. Our professional development is second to none. Our team have got everything they need to carry out safe, efficient, and effective fencing projects in West Sussex. Contact Perimeter Solutions Limited today to learn more.

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