We care about the environment and are determined to limit the impact of our operations. Our team are focused on sustainability are always looking for ways to take this important consideration into account. Discover how we’re doing our bit to contribute to the goals of the UK Strategy for Sustainable Construction.

Recycling materials

Recycling is a key element of any waste reduction strategy. It is our aim that 100% of the timber and steel used in our projects throughout the UK is recycled, reused, or used as a fuel source at the end of its usable lifetime.  Zero waste to landfill is a key aim of our business.

Embracing innovation

We’re proud to be approved installers of EnviroHoard™, the UK’s First Net Zero Verified Hoarding System. This is a 100% closed loop product that uses low carbon, recycled materials and can itself be recycled at the end of its working lifetime. It prevents timber and plywood from being used for short-term purposes, conserving a valuable resource. Embracing sustainable solutions like EnviroHoard™ plays an important role in reducing the carbon footprint of the construction industry – a vital goal for all us contractors. We are able to provide you, our client, with certificates confirming the carbon neutral status of your site hoarding.

Tree planting

Through our partnership with EnviroHoard™ we are involved in Trees for Cities tree planting scheme. Trees are planted for every sustainable hoarding project that is installed by us in the UK, acting as an additional carbon offsetting measure to further reduce a project’s carbon impact. EnviroHoard™ also works with Circular Ecology on international tree planting schemes, helping to restore deforested areas around the world.

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Responsible procurement

We always aim to source materials locally, minimising the emissions caused by transporting products to site. In addition, we will only ever use timber in our projects that meets the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). By taking our environmental responsibilities seriously, we avoid supporting those who exploit the environment and cause unwanted impact.

Paperless operations

All our operations are paperless, preventing resources from being consumed unnecessarily. Digital paperwork is sustainable and efficient, ensuring transparency and ease of access throughout a project. For these reasons, we encourage those we work with to adopt the same approach. By doing so, we hope to influence and improve working practices throughout the industry.

Investing in electric vehicles

We continually invest in new hybrid and electric vehicles for our fleet, reducing our carbon footprint by lowering or removing the reliance on petrol and diesel for our operations. By making our journeys greener we can continue to cover the entire UK without having an outsized impact on the environment.

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