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Fencing contractor in Surrey

At Perimeter Solutions, we specialise in installing bespoke fencing in Surrey. A well-established and reputable commercial fencing company, we’ve been completing large-scale fencing projects for over ten years. We’ve become well known across the county for the skill of our team and the excellent customer experience. Our expertise comes from our directors, who started their careers as quantity surveyors and project managers for major UK construction firms. This gave them valuable experience in managing large sites and knowledge of the regulations and laws surrounding construction work. When you choose Perimeter Solutions for your Surrey fencing installation, you’ll be working with a group of professionals who are highly knowledgeable on the specifics of the construction industry. Your installation of quality fencing will be carried out safely by a qualified and experienced team. We’ve completed a range of custom fencing installations all over Surrey and are more than able to meet your fencing needs.

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Fencing company in Surrey

We offer a range of outdoor fencing solutions to provide for every possible need. Our team can help you make a decision about which of our products is right for you and your site. If you’re already more aware of what you want, we can suggest alternatives of greater quality or that better fit your budget. Browse our range of fencing options and see what we can do for you:


Architectural fencing

Robust and practical, architectural fencing is a highly popular option that provides functional benefits. It is appropriate for a range of properties and is easily customised.


School fencing

Educational facilities will require a specific type of barrier called Secure by Design. We can provide this fencing for your school, be it a state comprehensive, technical college, or a SEN or SEND school.


Security fencing

For sensitive sites or valuable properties, you will need extra protection. That’s why we provide security fencing as well as a range of other sophisticated options to secure your property.


Sports fencing

Sports fencing is essential to secure the boundary of your sports centre or MUGA. It provides security, keeps balls in play, and protects the pitch from external interference.


Timber fencing

Timber fencing is a versatile and highly customisable solution. It gives you a robust barrier that can be tailored to your property’s existing décor.


Fencing design

We can provide custom fencing designs to ensure the structural soundness of your fencing and also to incorporate your own unique design elements.



Our team install steel and wood hoarding at your site to protect the public and keep your tools and equipment secure. Our hoarding is professionally designed and compliant with UK law.


Other external works in Surrey

In addition to our amazing fencing packages, we also install other external works. They’ll be provided with your fencing and are installed by our in-house professionals to the same quality as our fencing. Take a look and be sure to enquire about them when booking your fencing installation.

Fencing installation in Surrey

We are a modern company and have effective processes to manage our projects and clients. Your booking will proceed smoothly and according to a set plan, with regular communication and prompt responses from our team. Booking your fencing installation with us couldn’t be easier.


Step one: Make an enquiry

Contact our helpful team and let them know what you need. Your project manager will be happy to help tailor a solution to your requirements.


Step two: Site visit

Our team will pay a visit to your site to assess your exact needs. They can make suggestions to help put together the ideal fencing package for you.


Step three: Quoting

Our quotes are fair and clearly annotated so you always know what you’re paying for. We can also offer multiple quotes when appropriate to account for different solutions.


Step four: Work begins

We will be in touch to organise a start date. We can plan it for a time convenient to you and will have the materials and manpower ready to go.


Our projects

You can see for yourself the quality of our work. We’re proud to show a range of different installations we’ve completed at a range of sites in Surrey and across the UK.


What sets us apart?

We are well-established and highly qualified fencing contractors with backgrounds working for and with the largest construction firms in the UK. This gives us unparalleled experience working with large scale sites and we’re well-versed in the relevant regulations and legislation. Our familiarity with the challenges and obstacles often faced on site means we are well-equipped to complete your outdoor fencing installation efficiently and safely. Over the years we’ve built productive relationships with UK fencing suppliers and are known for our ability to source a huge range of materials quicker than other contractors. In addition to this we have also curated a skilled team by investing in them and their skills. We have become the foremost fencing experts in the south-east thanks to our dedication to always improving our qualifications and health and safety training. These qualities have made us one of the most highly sought-after and reputable fencing contractors in Surrey.

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