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Secure Learning Environments: Trusted School Contractors Ensuring Security

As experienced School Fencing Contractors, Perimeter Solutions offers a comprehensive range of services, ensuring the safety and security of educational institutions. Fencing and gates are an essential component to safeguarding children under a school’s care. They are vital for the security of any education institution. We have delivered bespoke school fencing solutions at primary schools, secondary schools, academies, Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) schools, colleges, and universities to provide physical security that is customised to meet the needs of each location.  

We have completed over 300 projects to date, either as refurbishments or new installations. Perimeter Solutions is a company founded by industry experts. Our team has the training, skills, and expertise to install fencing safely and efficiently at your school, while adhering to Secure by Design and RoSPA guidelines. 

Is school fencing right for you?

We can work with you to ensure that you are getting the perfect fencing for your location. At Perimeter Solutions, we specialise in bespoke packages that will perfectly meet your needs. We offer a great range of products and services, so take a look and se e what our team can do for you. 

The most common types of fencing for schools include wrought iron, aluminium, vinyl, and chain link designs. Wrought iron offers a sophisticated style combined with strength. Aluminium provides a lightweight yet sturdy option. Vinyl is maintenance-free with customisable aesthetics. Chain link offers optimal visibility and budget-friendly installation. 

When it comes to materials for fencing, we use only the most durable, resilient and long-lasting materials suited for the school environment. Wrought iron, aluminium, vinyl, and galvanised steel are trusted metal alloys used in our fences, while high-density polyethene (HDPE) comprises our playground fencing. We also utilise UV-stabilized vinyl coatings to prevent fading. 

Which type of school fencing is right for you?

Our professional teams install robust and low maintenance fencing to an impeccable standard. Whatever your needs, we’re certain we can deliver a custom solution to meet them. Perimeter Solutions offers a huge range of fencing options to suit every part of your school.

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School perimeter fencing

We can supply and install any type of school security fencing. From weldmesh around a field, timber close board to back onto neighbouring properties, or anti-climb security fencing. You can expect a professional installation using only the highest quality materials. 


School playground fencing

When installed in play areas, fencing must comply with RoSPA guidelines to reduce risk, which we are well versed in. Our low-level fencing provides resilient and safe separations for groups of students and helps direct foot traffic. Choose Perimeter Solutions to deliver safe playground fencing for your school. Our playground fencing solutions create secure play areas, offering peace of mind for both educators and parents.

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School gates and access control

As the first point of access, it is essential that school entrance gates are strong, secure, and give a good first impression. We can supply and install a huge variety of gates and security solutions to boost the security at your institution, from boundary fencing to automated gates and even advanced security systems. 

School sports fencing, netting, and MUGAs

Perimeter Solutions are sports fencing specialists. We can recommend and install a bespoke fencing solution for the sports your school specialises in. We have erected fencing for multiple multi-use game areas (MUGAs) and sports fields, including ball catch netting for football and rugby pitches. 

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School bin stores and plant compounds

Bin store areas and plant compounds are essential in all schools. However, they are often unsightly and can be a hazard to young students. We offer a variety of fencing options to keep these areas secure and screened off from students, teachers, and visitors but accessible to the relevant site staff. 

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School cycle stores and external furniture

The push for a greener future means encouraging students and staff to travel to school by foot or bicycle. You can help facilitate this by providing a secure and dry space for bikes during the school day. We provide a range of cycle shelters, lockable bike hoops, and external furniture for just this purpose. 

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School handrails

Handrails are an essential addition to provide safe access and reduce the risk of falling. Perimeter Solutions can survey, design, supply, and install a range of high-quality handrails to perfectly match your school’s needs. Our range includes Kee-Klamp railings, powder-coated, DDA-compliant balustrades, and steel continuous rails. 


Securing Knowledge Hubs: School Fencing Installation Excellence

Our team has completed installations at more than 300 schools across the UK. We’re a highly experienced and professional team with the expertise and skills you need for your new fencing installation at your school. We have a strong knowledge of the requirements and legislation associated with school fencing and gates, including Secure by Design, RoSPA, and GateSafe. For new build schools we can offer advice, early budgetary estimates, and help build a custom solution that will best suit you.  

For specification and design work, you will need to engage your regional Designing Out Crime Officer (DOCO) who we will be happy to work with to meet your Ofsted and Secure by Design requirements. With years of experience and highly trained professional installers, Perimeter Solutions are the perfect team to take on the supply and installation of your school’s fencing. To find out more, call 01474 702233 or email 

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Our process

Our professionalism is not just reserved for the job site. We’ve streamlined our administrative processes to deliver a smooth and pleasant customer experience. From your first contact to the completion of the job, you’ll be working with a highly organised and modern company that you can trust. 


Step one: Make an enquiry

Get in touch and talk us through the requirements of your school. Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what you need, we’re here to help. 


Step two: Site visit

One of our expert team members will come out to your school and recommend some ideal solutions based on your needs and budget. 


Step three: Quoting

We like to offer a variety of fair and detailed quotes, considering different materials and solutions to give you the widest possible choice in your school fencing.


Step four: Work begins

Once we’ve agreed on a fencing solution for your school then we will organise a start date. Our team of experts will be on site, on time, and ready to begin your professional install. 


Organise your Secure by Design school fencing installation

With over 300 successful installations completed, we have quickly become one of the most reputable and experienced installers of Secure by Design school fencing in the country. Call 01474 702233 or email to discuss your school, college, university, or SEND school’s needs with our team. 

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What sets us apart for school fencing?

The key factors that set Perimeter Solutions apart from other fencing companies are the quality of our team and our professional experience. We were founded by quantity surveyors and project managers who have experience working for top 100 UK contractors on large and complex projects. We understand how to run jobs of this scale and have multiple project managers who will look after your project from beginning to end. This ensures you have a consistent point of contact who’ll be communicating with you throughout the entire installation process.  

We can call on our contacts in the industry and suppliers to always make sure that we have the materials and manpower ready for your project. Our installers undertake extensive health and safety and skills training. We continually push our colleagues to be their best by offering additional qualifications and promoting from within. This means we have built a highly skilled and experienced team who have spent years working installing fencing in schools just like yours. We are the best team for your school fencing, possessing the experience and expertise that you need for a safe and efficient install. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best fencing for schools?

The most recommended fencing options for schools are wrought iron, aluminium, vinyl, and chain link. These provide security while allowing visibility into campus areas.

2. Do schools need fences?

Perimeter fencing is highly recommended for schools to control access points, enhance student safety, and create defined campus boundaries.

3. How high should school fences be?

We recommend 4-6 ft high fencing to deter intruders while maintaining visibility. Fence height regulations depend on factors like school level and local ordinances.

4. Is school fencing a legal requirement for educational institutions?

There are no nationwide legal requirements, but many districts mandate perimeter fencing as part of safety/security standards. Local regulations may also require fencing.

5. What materials are commonly used for school fencing?

Durable, low-maintenance materials like wrought iron, aluminium, vinyl, and chain link are most commonly used for their security, longevity and visibility benefits.

6. Can school fencing be customised to match the aesthetics of the institution?

Absolutely – we can customise your fencing with school colours, logos, ornamental designs, and other aesthetic elements to complement buildings.

7. Are there regulations governing the height and design of school fencing?

Yes, fence height and style regulations for schools vary by district and are based on factors like school level, community ordinances, and safety standards.

8. Do you provide any warranty or guarantee on the durability of your school fencing products?

We stand behind the quality of our fencing and provide a 10-year limited warranty on materials and workmanship.

9. Do you provide a timeline estimate during the initial consultation phase?

Yes, we will assess your project scope and provide an estimated timeline for completion during our preliminary consultations.

10. How much does a school fencing cost?

The cost of school fencing is dependent on the fencing type, size, terrain, materials and other specifics. Please contact us for a free quote tailored to your project.