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We offer an enormous range of high-tech automation solutions to ensure you can maximise security and functionality at your home, school, or worksite. The automation, access control, and security systems we provide are the perfect way to ensure that your property is safe and secure. We can provide custom built gates, or the means to automate existing gates with a range of specialist security options so you can control who enters. Courtesy of our sister company, Perimeter Solutions Automation, our team provides you with bespoke automation that is installed by highly skilled and qualified professionals. We offer a huge range of services and are proud to be long-standing contractors with great contacts across the industry. Our customers are consistently impressed with the quality of our products and our dedication to great customer service. For physical security solutions you can rely on, Perimeter Solutions Automation are the contractor you need.

Is automation right for you?

Our automation, access control, and security products are an excellent way to secure the boundaries of your property and control and monitor who enters and exits. Our team has a wealth of experience carrying out custom automation solutions at a huge range of sites across the UK. We provide a huge range of professional installations as well as comprehensive maintenance and servicing.


Gate automation

We provide the controls and machinery necessary to fully automate gates at your property, putting you in control. Whether you’d like a new custom gate installed, or an existing barrier automated we can provide a solution for you.


Driveway gates

A key point of entry onto your property, your driveway needs that extra security. With an electric driveway gate, you can control access to your property safely and comfortably. We offer a huge range of gates to suit the needs and aesthetic of your driveway and property.


Commercial gates

We’ve provided custom automation solutions for commercial sites across the country, from building sites to the British Museum. Our commercial gates are all built with high-quality materials and the needs of your site are always taken into account to ensure your gate operates at maximum efficiency and effectiveness.


School gates

School gates are essential to maintaining safety and access control at your school. They need to be functional, but safe, while also looking appealing as they will likely be the first thing visitors see at your site. We can provide you with an ideal automated gate that will provide for all of your school’s needs.


Security bollards and barriers

Perfect for protecting your site, our custom security solutions offer a range of benefits. We offer a range of bollards and barriers so you can find the ideal fit for your project. All our products are tested for safety and effectiveness, and professionally installed by our team so they suit all of your needs.


Access control

We provide and install a huge range of sophisticated access control solutions for homes, businesses, schools, and worksites. From straightforward request to exit buttons right up to sophisticated Paxton Net2 and cloud-based Paxton 10 systems, allowing full integration of access control and CCTV on one easy to use web browser system, we have you covered.


High security

We have been trusted to install automated security at highly secure facilities including the British Museum and multiple prison sites. With professionally installed Secure by Design standard products, Perimeter Solutions can ensure the safety of your site.



CCTV is an essential component to any modern security solution. We install camera systems for commercial, industrial, and domestic use, working closely with you to ensure you’re getting the perfect CCTV system for your property.


Servicing and maintenance

We offer regular services on all our automated installations to ensure that everything is continuing to operate effectively and safely. Our team are proactive in making sure you’re aware when your service is due and booking it in. We are also able to maintain and repair our products to keep everything working.


Intruder alarms

You don’t want to take any chances when it comes to security. Our team can assess your needs and help you find the perfect intruder alarm to keep your property safe. When you choose us for your alarm, you’ll have peace of mind that you’re receiving an effective security solution.


Installing automated solutions

Our team is made up of highly trained professionals with years of experience in the construction industry who specialise in delivering our custom automation solutions. We’ve passed this expertise on to all of our technicians and have invested heavily in their professional development. This includes furthering their skills, extensive health and safety training, and purchasing specialist tools and equipment. You can expect a smooth and professional installation delivered by dedicated experts. This professionalism has helped us complete installations all over the country. We’ve worked in some of the most high-security locations in the UK, ensuring that they have the correct automation to meet their security needs. We have also worked in countless domestic properties, improving security and giving homeowners peace of mind that their home is safe. To enquire about an automated solution installation at your property, get in touch by calling 01474 702233 or emailing

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Contact Perimeter Solutions for professional fencing solutions. Call 01474 702233 or email  Alternatively, you can contact our sister company, Perimeter Solutions Automation, on 01474 559310 or

Our process


Step one: Make an enquiry

Get in touch and explain what you need from us. We’re always happy to talk through our range of products and services.


Step two: Site visit

We’ll organise a visit to your site and make sure we perfectly understand your needs and requirements and give advice to tailor a solution to you.


Step three: Quoting

We make sure all of our quotes are not only fair but also detailed and clear, so you always know what you’re getting and what you’re paying for.


Step four: Work begins

We will organise a date for work to begin. Our team can find a time convenient for you and be ready to begin installation.


Contact us for custom automation solutions

Call Perimeter Solutions on 01474 702233 or email for sophisticated automated access control and security measures for your project. You can also learn more by getting in touch with our sister company, Perimeter Solutions Automation, on 01474 599310 or


What sets us apart for automation?

Our experience in the construction industry gives an expertise and insight that isn’t matched by other contractors. We are well-versed in all the regulations, laws, and health and safety requirements that apply and will adhere to them rigorously to ensure an efficient and safe install. This extends to every member of our team, as they are extensively trained to make sure they’re carrying out every installation to the standard our clients expect. We have built such a strong reputation that many of our customers return to seek our services again. Our professionalism has also helped us build relationships with teams of installers and suppliers across the country, enabling us to source materials and manpower easily. This has enabled us to acquire resources in short supply or with shorter lead times and allows us to complete jobs all over the country as we always have trusted installers to call on. We consistently impress, taking on complex projects other contractors simply cannot complete. We’ve earned a reputation as one of the most professional, well-trained, and reputable fencing contractors in the UK.

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