For access control and enhanced security, you need gates from Perimeter Solutions. Call 01474 702233.

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For access control and enhanced security, you need gates from Perimeter Solutions. Call 01474 702233.


At Perimeter Solutions, we know that security and access are essential to sites of all sizes. In addition to our bespoke fencing, we can provide a variety of gates to ensure that you will be able to control access to your site, business, development, or school. We install gates that provide practical security measures while also fulfilling aesthetic needs to make a good first impression to any visitors. Our team can install a variety of different gates to meet your specific needs. When you get in touch with Perimeter Solutions, we will be able to use our expertise and knowledge to suggest a bespoke solution that will best fit the requirements of your site, while also complying with all regulations and legislation. We’re a well-established contractor with years of experience in the industry and strong ties to top UK construction companies. This has given us a wealth of knowledge on how to manage large sites and professional installations. We bring this knowledge and experience to all of our projects so you can be assured that you are getting a specialised and highly qualified team who you can trust.

Which gate is right for you?

Our gates are available for installation at your site to serve a range of purposes. We can deliver a bespoke solution to ensure that your new gate will perfectly fit your needs. Our team will be happy to discuss your options further and help you make an informed decision.

Steel gates

We supply bespoke steel gates and install them to either match existing fencing, act as a stand-alone point of entry, or as part of a larger fencing package installation. We can install steel gates in a range of styles to best suit your property.

Timber gates

Robust and stylish, these gates are the perfect statement piece to increase your property’s security without sacrificing aesthetic. We install wooden gates made from high-quality, responsibly sourced materials and are available in a variety of designs to match your timber fencing.

Swing gates

Our swing gates can be either manually pushed open or fitted with motors to allow self-opening and closing. Swing gates are the most cost-effective way of providing access to a site and can be made to match the surrounding fencing.

Sliding cantilever gates

Sliding cantilever gates provide a high-security, all-terrain access solution to sites requiring wide openings of up to 12m or with insufficient space for a swing gate. They are frequently coupled with automation so that they automatically open and close. They are long lasting and low maintenance, requiring only an annual service to keep them working perfectly.

Tracked sliding gates

Tracked sliding gates are a high-security entrance for sites that need wide openings but do not have space for a swing gate. They can be made wider than cantilever gates – up to 20 metres – and require less of a run back making them suitable for sites with less space. They are frequently coupled with automation to provide a sophisticated access solution.

Bi-folding speed gates

Sites which have high vehicle traffic or high security requirements, such as delivery depots and prisons, need security gates which are space-effective and quick to operate. Our fully automatic, bi-folding gates – also known as speed gates – allow efficient and safe control of vehicle movements in and out of a site. They can also be coupled with remote control, ANPR, or smartphone enabled.

Bespoke gates

Your project is unique, so there’s no reason why your gates shouldn’t be as well. At Perimeter Solutions we can create bespoke gates to your design specifications in timber, steel, or a combination of the two. These ensure you’re receiving a tailored solution with the exact practical benefits that your project requires.

Installing gates

Perimeter Solutions are the go-to contractor for professional gate installation. We have a wealth of experience working on a huge range of sites and have installed gates on large construction sites, at delivery depots, data centres, and schools. With a UK-wide supply chain network, we are able to provide every type of gate available on the market, and our in-house installation and automation engineers ensure that a first-class product is installed to the highest standards. Our clients can also benefit from a wide range of access control options if required. To find out more, get in touch by calling 01474 702233 or emailing

Contact Perimeter Solutions

Contact Perimeter Solutions for professional bespoke gate installation at your property. Talk to a helpful member of our team by calling 01474 702233 or emailing

Our process


Step one: Make an enquiry

Get in touch with our team. We’ll be happy to listen to your needs and help recommend the product that’d be best for you.


Step two: Site visit

We’ll come out to your property to assess the space and work with you to figure out which gate would suit your property best.


Step three: Quoting

We give fair quotes that are highly detailed and itemised so you will always know what you’re paying for with our services.


Step four: Work begins

Once your gates have been fabricated, we will deliver them to you, and installation will be carried out by one of our professional teams.

Contact Perimeter Solutions for custom gates

We supply and install custom security gates and access control measures in a range of styles to suit the needs of your project. Call 01474 702233 or email to discuss new gates for your site with our expert team.


What sets us apart for gate installation?

At locations across the country, Perimeter Solutions have installed over 2000 gates and counting. These range from simple timber closeboard gates giving access to the rear of a property, to fully automatic bi-folding speed gates at high security depots. This huge amount of experience among our team means we know all there is to know about gates, their installation, and operation. Our experience and reputation had made Perimeter Solutions a highly reputable and sought-after contractor. We can advise and quote for any gate requirements you may have.

Need a gate for your site? Get in touch

Contact our team at Perimeter Solutions to learn more about gate installation for your property. You can reach us by emailing, calling 01474 702233, or filling in our contact form.