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What is weldmesh fencing?

Weldmesh is a common name covering a whole range of modern fencing systems. It is formed by welding wires together to form a mesh panel – hence the name weldmesh fencing! It is also known as mesh fencing, metal fencing or metal sheet fencing.

By using different thicknesses of wire, in different arrangements, multiple weldmesh systems have been produced to suit a wide range of different uses.

Perimeter Solutions are experts in the supply and installation of all of these systems, installing thousands of meters of weldmesh fences each year.

We work with all of the UK’s largest suppliers of these products, so have access to any product on the market for weldmesh fencing in the UK. These suppliers include the likes of CLD Physical Security Systems, Zaun, Alexandra Security, Barkers Engineering, Fastline, IAE and many more. Our team is experienced in working with these products, and so you can benefit from a personalised weldmesh fence that suits your requirements.

Types of Weldmesh fence

V Mesh

V Mesh

V-mesh is one of the most commonly installed commercial weldmesh fence systems on the market. It gives the greatest value per meter of any weldmesh system – comparable to chainlink in price, but significantly more robust. Frequently formed of 5mm wire welded to give a 200x50mm aperture, then crimped to form several ‘V’s to stiffen the panel, hence the name.

It is frequently used for school boundaries in rural areas, industrial estates and sports clubs where boundaries need to be established, but there is low risk of vandalism or trespass.

V mesh can also be combined with timber infills to create a privacy screen, frequently used for school fencing to screen off play area.

Heights available: 900mm, 1.2m, 1.8m, 2.0m, 2.4m, 3m

Other given names: Crimped mesh, Paladin, Paladine, Protek-1000, Axiom, Eclipse, Fastmesh 3D45, V-mex, VGuard, Multiplus, Euroguard, EuroguardCombi, Optima,


Twin Wire

Twin wire is formed of twin thick horizontal wires, welded to a single vertical wire, creating a 200mm x 50mm apature. The most common wire thickness are twin 8mm wires welded to a 6mm wire to create what is known as 868 Twin Wire.

868 is an incredible tough and rigid panel, creating durable fencing which is resistant to impact and very hard wearing. This lends itself to being installed on school boundaries where occasional sports are being played, or industrial land where a higher risk of vandalism exists.

There is a lighter variant available called 656, which is a good middle ground between the cost effective V-mesh, but without the full cost of an 868 system.

Heights available: 1.0, 1.2m, 1.8m, 2.0m, 2.4m, 3m, 3.6m, 4.0m. Other heights are available upon request, in increments of 200mm

Other given names: Twinwire, Twinguard, Dulok, Duo-8, Fastmesh-868, Protek 868, Duex, Euroguard Flatform, Dualguard,

Twin Wire Rebound

Twin Wire Rebound

Twin Wire Rebound, frequently referred to as Rebound Mesh, is an evolution of Twin Wire fencing. Multi Use Games Areana, or MUGAs, are sports pitches enclosed be sports fencing. Players will frequently stike the ball against the fencing, as well as run into it at pace, meaning the fence is going to take a lot of high impacts. Twin wire, being the most solid of the weldmesh family, was a natural choice for MUGA fencing, but with additional reinforcement needed due to the punishing nature of its intended use. As such, additional horizontal wires have been added, most commonly to the lower 1.2m of each panel. These additional wires create an incredibly tough panel that will not bend, even with multiple fully grown adults running into it!

It performs so well in its job role, it is now the standard specification for any Sports England approved installation.

Heights available: 2.0m, 2.4m, 3m, 3.6m, 4.0m, 4.6m. Other heights are available upon request, in increments of 200mm. The tallest Rebound installation to date by Periemter Solutions is 8.0m!

Other given names: Rebound, Dulock Sports Rebound, Duex Sports 868 Rebound, TwinSports Rebound, Fastmesh-868RBF, Super Rebound, Protek 868 Rebound, MUGA mesh, MUGA rebound fencing.



358 is the only true ‘anti climb’ weldmesh fencing on the market produced in volume. Produced from 4mm wire welded closely together, it gives a narrow aperture of 12.5mm x 75mmm making it too small to get a finger hold in.

Its anti climb properties are so good, that it has become the standard choice for high security installations of industrial fencing, including Prison Fencing, Utility Fencing, Police facility fencing, SEND School Fencing, Data Centre fencing and high value Industrial Fencing.

It has become the standard specification asked for by the DfE for any SEN or SEND school for their boundaries, where pupils can be a flight risk.

Heights available: 1.8m, 2.0m, 2.1m, 2.4m, 3m, 3.6m, 4.0m, 5.2m Other heights are available upon request.

Other given names: Prison Mesh, Anti climb mesh, Securus, Fortex, Secureguard 358, Protek 358, Fastmesh-358, HiSec358


Security rated weldmesh

Where the highest level of protection is needed for a property, Security Rated weldmesh systems must be used. These are systems that have gone through rigorous testing by BRE Global to determine how long each fence type will remain resistant to attack.

There are 5 levels of weldmesh security fencing available: SR1 Fencing, SR2 Fencing, SR3 Fencing, SR3 Fencing, SR4 fencing and SR5 fencing. SR1 fencing is designed to delay an opportunist attack for a minimum of 1 minute using basic hand tools, whereas SR5 is designed to stop a serious attempt being made for 10 minutes by someone with powered cutting tools.

Perimeter Solutions have installed thousands of meters of SR1 rated weldmesh fencing around industrial estates and high risk school boundaries. We have also installed multiple SR2, SR3 and SR4 systems around high risk properties, including Data Centres, Power generation installations and even Eurotunnel compounds.

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