Security Rated Fencing: What Do The Ratings Mean?

In today’s security-conscious environment, protecting properties and sensitive areas is critical. Security-rated fencing plays a vital role in this effort, providing a robust barrier against intrusions.

This article will explain what security-rated fencing is, detail the various security ratings, and highlight how these standards apply within the UK. Additionally, we will cover the LPS 1175 standards and explore how our proficient team at Perimeter Solutions can assist in meeting your security fencing needs.

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What Is Security Rated Fencing?

Security-rated fencing is designed to meet specific standards that ensure its ability to resist attacks and delay intruders. These fences are typically used in high-risk areas, including government facilities, utility sites, data centres, and other critical infrastructure.

The ratings assigned to these fences are based on rigorous testing that evaluates their resistance to different types of attacks, such as cutting, climbing, and impact.

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Security Ratings Explained

Security ratings are set by BRE Global, who’s loss prevention certification board (LPCB) tests and certificates security systems to the loss prevention standard LPS 1175.  This categorises fencing based on its resistance to different attack methods and the tools used. Here are the primary security ratings currently in use.

1. SR1 (A1)

SR1 (A1) rated fencing provides the basic level of protection and is designed to resist opportunistic attacks using simple hand tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, and small crowbars.

It is suitable for environments with lower security risks where the primary goal is to deter casual intruders rather than withstand a prolonged assault. This rating ensures that the fencing can delay an intruder for at least one minute, allowing security personnel more time to respond.

Typical applications include schools and commercial properties that require a fundamental level of security without facing significant threats.

2. SR2 (B3)

Fences with an SR2 (B3) rating offer enhanced protection compared to SR1. They are designed to withstand more determined attacks using a broader range of tools such as bolt cutters, larger crowbars, and hammers.

This level of fencing is tested to resist an attack for at least three minutes, which is ideal for a higher security solution for medium-risk environments. SR2 fencing is commonly used around utility sites, commercial premises, and public buildings where there is a greater risk of intrusion and where more time is needed for security forces to react to an attempted breach.

3. SR3 (C5)

SR3 (C5) rated fencing is intended for high-risk areas where there is a need for robust security measures. This fencing can withstand prolonged attacks involving a wider array of tools like power drills, saws, and axes.

It is designed to delay intruders for at least five minutes, making it suitable for sites with critical infrastructure, sensitive data centres, and other high-value assets.

The higher resistance provided by SR3 fencing makes it a key component in comprehensive security systems for environments where there is a high likelihood of sophisticated attack attempts.

4. SR4 (D10)

The SR4 (D10) rating represents the highest level of security available for fencing. This one provides maximum resistance against sustained, sophisticated attacks using professional-grade tools such as powered disc grinders and sledgehammers.

Fences with this rating are tested to withstand a minimum of ten minutes of aggressive attack. This makes them ideal for extremely high-risk locations like military installations, high-security prisons, and key national infrastructure sites. It ensures that even the most determined and equipped intruders are significantly delayed, allowing ample time for security teams to respond effectively.

What Is LPS 1175 – Explained For You!

Earlier in this article, we briefly mentioned LPS 1175. Which then made us wonder if you really understand what it is. LPS 1175 is a widely recognised standard developed by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB).

It assesses the resistance of physical security products to forced entry. The standard is regularly updated to address emerging threats and improve security measures.

Issue 8 is the latest version, introducing new classifications and more rigorous testing protocols. This update aims to provide a clearer understanding of the security performance of various fencing solutions to ensure they meet the evolving needs of high-security environments in the UK.

How Can Perimeter Solutions Help?

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Additionally, we provide a wide range of products and services, including anti-climb heavy-duty steel security fence panels, anti-tamper fixings, height extensions, buried panels, and more.

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Understanding the various security ratings or codes for fencing is essential for selecting the right level of protection for your property. The SR ratings, from SR1 (A1) to SR4 (D10), offer graduated levels of security, ensuring that each environment can be adequately protected based on its risk profile.

Worry not – Perimeter Solutions is here for you. We are committed to providing high-quality, certified security fencing that meets these rigorous standards. Whether you require basic protection or the highest level of security, our range of LPS 1175-rated fences can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to get started.