11 types of fencing: which one is right for you?


Fencing serves various purposes, from enhancing the security of a property to adding aesthetic appeal matching the architectural style of your home. Its usability spans across a wide range of sectors, too; including schools, private properties, sports facilities, and more.

There are many different types of fences available, and one of them will definitely suit your needs. However, choosing the right one can be a bit of a headache. In this all-inclusive guide, we’ll discuss the important fencing types and help you make an informed decision. And if you want to speak to an expert directly, we’re always there to help.

Different types of fencing explained

At Perimeter Solutions, we have worked on manufacturing and installing hundreds of fences and gates across the South East of England. And we’ve explored diverse types of fences in the process. Let us throw light on the most important and popular ones for you.

Closeboard fencing

Closeboard fencing, also known as featherboard fencing, is a popular type of timber fencing. It is constructed with vertical feather-edge boards. It boasts sound-blocking properties and is extremely sturdy and versatile in nature. If privacy and security are your priorities, closeboard fencing will be the right choice for you.

Timber picket fencing

Timber picket fencing is also known as palisade fencing. It has a traditional charming look ideal for front gardens. These fences are easy to install and can be perfect for residential as well as commercial needs. It will also serve as a low to medium security barrier.

Post and rail fencing

For rural areas and agricultural purposes, post and rail fencing can be quite a cost-effective option. It has a rustic and open design and is quick to install. Another great aspect of this type of fence is that it defines boundaries without obstructing views.

Weldmesh fencing

Weldmesh fencing is also known as welded wire mesh fencing. It is quite a popular and practical choice for UK properties owing to its versatility and durability. Weldmesh fencing is constructed from welded steel wires by securely joining them at their intersections, thus forming a grid pattern. These fences offer a high level of security. Hence, it is advisable to choose them for construction sites and industrial facilities.

Acoustic fencing

As is rather evident from the name, this type of fencing is made for reducing noise pollution. Acoustic fencing can be perfect for properties near highways, railways, and in busy urban areas. At Perimeter Solutions, we can offer different types and styles of acoustic fencing to meet your needs. We’ve installed these fences at heights of 6 metres and more to address the security needs of the properties as well.

Bamboo fencing

Bamboo fencing can be ideal for your garden fencing needs. It is sustainable, grows quickly, and is highly eco-friendly unlike some of the other options mentioned here. To add a unique, exotic touch to your garden, bamboo fencing can easily be your choice.

Hedge fencing

It’s a natural and eco-friendly option for your fencing needs. Hedge fencing can be excellent for providing wildlife habitat. It comes with great privacy properties and requires regular maintenance.

Panel fencing

Panel fencing can be made of wood or metal. Wood panels are typically constructed from timber slats or planks, while metal panels are created using steel or aluminium. These fences are easy to install. They are available in different styles such as lap panels and decorative panels. You can use these fences for residential as well as commercial fencing needs.

Chain link fencing

It’s a highly durable and low-maintenance option for your fencing needs. Chain link fencing can also offer great security without compromising visibility. It is advisable to use these types of fencing in sports fields, parks, and industrial areas.

Slatted fencing

It’s a contemporary fencing style that comprises horizontal wooden boards with little gaps in between. This design makes for great privacy whilst also letting air and light pass through the gaps. Slatted fencing offers a modern look and sleek appearance. You can use these fences to match your urban gardens and modern architectural styles.

Electrical fencing

As the name suggests, electrical fencing is capable of deterring intruders with an electric shock. These types of fencing are constructed using specialised wires or tapes made of conductive materials such as steel or aluminium. These wires or tapes are energised with a low-voltage electric charger. They deliver a non-lethal shock and are ideal for the high security required in farms and livestock. However, these fences need professional installation. Perimeter Solutions is certified as a ‘Tier 1’ installation company by CLD Fencing Systems. You can trust us to be highly meticulous about building and installing your security gates and fencing.

Choosing the right fencing type for your needs

Out of the eleven different fencing types discussed above, you can easily find one that will suit your fencing needs. Do remember that choosing the right type depends on a few important factors:

  • If your fencing need is domestic, commercial, or industrial
  • Your preferences: security, privacy, look and feel
  • The area you live in, whether rural or urban
  • The architectural style of your property, mostly suited for residential fencing
  • The purpose of your fencing. For example, post and rail fencing can be ideal for agricultural needs

Work with a professional and experienced fencing company that will understand your requirements, provide expert advice, and create bespoke fencing for your needs. Perimeter Solutions has been in the business for over a decade, and we have installed hundreds of fences and gates in the South East of England. Get in touch with us for your architectural, school, industrial, domestic, sports, and other fencing needs today.

Seek expert advice from Perimeter Solutions

We take the stress of finding the right fencing type for your property away from you. Our fencing experts will listen to your requirements and suggest the right options for you. We have a myriad of fencing services and materials available for you.

Our bespoke fencing solution will check every box of your requirement. From high-tech automation to access control for your school gates to security barriers, intruder alarms, and more, there’s nothing you won’t find here at Perimeter Solutions. Speak to a fencing specialist from our team today. Call 01474 702233 or email sales@perimeter-solutions.co.uk. We’ll arrange for a site visit and give you a free, no-obligation quote.