Woolwich Town Square








Temporary Fencing


Timber Hoarding

Woolwich Town Square is getting a revamp! Perimeter Solutions have worked with our client Osborne Construction to secure the works areas, creating a safe space for both contractors and members of the public.

Our hoarding is mounted on pre cast concrete blocks, all with site specific wind load designs. This was a challenging install, requiring some out of hours works and careful management to ensure all members of the public were given a safe right-of way. There is over 400m of 2.4m and 3.0m high hoarding, as well as weldmesh extensions above existing walls around the client’s compound.

This hoarding project has the greatest paint finish we have ever seen on one of our hoardings, bringing a vibrant energy to the centre of Woolwich whilst the improvement works are carried out. One to be proud of!

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