Gascoigne School, Barking






September 2017


School, Sports, Architectural


Metal Fencing, MUGAs, Rooftop MUGAs, Timber Fencing, Bespoke Fencing

Perimeter Solutions were extremely proud to be involved with this project, which included some ‘firsts’ and ‘biggest in the UK’ installations undertaken by us! Gascoigne School is the largest primary school in the UK, with over 60 languages spoken by the 1,100 students. For such a special and diverse school with space restrictions, some fairly innovative solutions were required. This school now has one of the largest rooftop play areas in the country, with bespoke 4.2m high 358 rooftop MUGA panels. PSL specially trained its operatives in work restraint harness systems to ensure safe methods of work. You can read what the news had to say about it here!

The school also has ‘breakout’ play areas on 2 of the floors, these are enclosed by the extremely pretty Lacefence panel system. A hand-woven stainless steel panel system individually woven to create large patterns whilst still forming a robust fence, it is a relatively new product to the UK and PSL are approved installers of this system. Please get in touch if you want to know more.

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