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June 2021


Security, Industrial


Steel Fencing, Gates

When renting industrial units, tenants can be restricted when it comes to adding security to their yard space. Restrictions can include avoiding alterations to their yard surface, or under slab conditions not being suitable for dug in fencing foundations.

A solution to this is to install fencing and gates mounted to precast concrete blocks, which are carefully placed on the yard surface. The fencing can easily be adapted should the needs of the business change, and there is no damage to the yard when it comes to changing premises.

This installation in Tonbridge includes 100m of 2.4m high Palisade, 2nr emergency exit pedestrian gates and 2nr 8m wide double gates for frequent vehicle movements. The contrasting yellow of the gates helps as a visual aid for manoeuvring lorries – plus we think it looks great too!

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