How to enhance your fence’s security


Sensitive sites such as warehouses, distribution hubs, plant hire yards, and data centres will require an enhanced level of security to keep their contents protected. Security fencing is the natural solution. It creates a sturdy and long-lasting barrier that will prevent deliberate intrusion or accidental trespassing. There are additional measures that can be taken by your fencing contractor to further enhance the efficacy of your fence.

Anti-climb fence

The main feature that this security addition brings is the discouragement of intrusion. Anti-climb paint does not dry which means it makes any surface it is applied to incredibly difficult to grip or climb, which is an excellent deterrent against intrusion. It is highly versatile, applicable to a range of different materials and surfaces. So long as it is not somewhere where staff or visitors might accidentally touch it, this is a highly worthwhile solution.

Increasing the height

If you have heightened security concerns, consider having your fence designed to be taller. This seems straightforward but may require some work for the posts to support the additional weight and height. A good contractor will be able to make this work for you, however. Provided it is structurally sound they can help design a fence tall enough to provide for all your security needs and bring you peace of mind.

Buried panels

If you have already increased the height of the fence, or it is not an option for your project, then consider deepening it. By burying panels beneath the base of your fence you can ensure that attempts to undercut the fence are unsuccessful. An additional benefit of this measure is that it is completely invisible. If you are looking to preserve the aesthetics of your site but still enhance security, this is an ideal option.

Fence toppings

One of the most effective and striking measures you can take to enhance your security is with fence toppings.

  • Spike strips

    If your fence has a flat surface across the top, then spike strips similar to anti-fox measures can be laid down. These are more subtle so are suited to sites that still want to project a reasonably friendly image but will still deter attempts to scale the fence.

  • Anti-climb guards

    A more visually striking method is the installation of anti-climb guards. These are a series of metal curls around a horizontal metal bar that can freely rotate. Any attempt to climb over means the whole apparatus will curl towards the climber. This is an excellent way to deter intrusion while reducing risk of injury to the intruder if that is your preference.

  • Rotaspikes climb barriers

    An intimidating and effective measure. Rotaspikes are sharp spikes welded to a central collar. Like the anti-climb guards these will rotate making them extremely difficult to climb over. The sharp metal makes for an aggressive deterrent sure to prevent unwanted attention. Please note that due to the potential for injury, it will likely be required that some restrictions apply, and you will likely have to show clear warning signs.

Security gate

Much like how a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, your fence will only be strong enough to deter and repel intruders if entry points are similarly well guarded. Entry and exit points into a site are the most vulnerable points so it is paramount that these are attended with the same care and diligence as the rest of your fence. There are a range of sophisticated systems that can help you protect your site. These range from straightforward – but no less effective – options such as security doors and turnstiles, up to biometric scanners and complex alarm systems. These security measures can be installed to prevent unwanted entry without causing major disruption to the day-to-day activities at your site.

If you are looking for sturdy and sophisticated solutions that keep your site secure from intrusion, contact Perimeter Solutions. We are an established contractor with experience working with end users and top 100 UK manufacturers all over the country completing major security fencing projects. Contact our team on 01474 702233 or email to discuss your needs with our team.