Rooftop MUGA Fencing

Space can be a premium, especially when building new schools or sports centres in Cities and Towns. A recent approach to solve the problem of space is to create Multi Use Games Arenas (MUGAs) on the rooftop – giving the building’s users an all-weather outdoor sports arena and great views at the same time!

Perimeter Solutions are the UK’s number 1 specialist when it comes to the design, supply and installation of rooftop MUGAs. We have completed the two largest UK rooftop MUGAs to date – the Britannia Leisure Centre and Gascoigne Primary School with many others complete or underway.

Early engagement is key to successfully building a rooftop MUGA, as there are a wide range of design considerations to take into account. Perimeter Solutions are happy to discuss any upcoming rooftop MUGA projects, to provide advice and early estimates, then work alongside your design team as your project progresses.

Detailed portfolios are available upon request. We can accommodate site visits to some of our previous installations should you require help or advice for your upcoming project.

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