MUGA Fencing

Multi Use Games Arenas, or MUGAs for short, are a great solution to providing a contained, all season sports arena for a variety of sports. Football, Hockey, Rugby, Basketball, Tennis…. the all weather pitch and containment of balls has created convenience for both professional and amateur sports teams and individuals.

Perimeter Solutions Ltd can supply and install fencing systems designed specifically for MUGAs and Sports England approved. Heights are typically 2.4m high up to 5m.

Heavy duty twin wire weldmesh is the most common, in areas where heavy play is expected then additional wire is added to create a rebound panel to take the hardest of hits, without causing injury to players. Our MUGA fencing is galvanised and Powdercoated in a range of colours, matching your club or school identity.

MUGAs will have entry and exit gates, which can be supplied with slip latches for padlocks, or can be fitted with digital pads or electronic maglocks to restrict access if required.

As well as the fencing, at Perimeter Solutions we can combine these with roofnets to fully contain balls and allow play to continue. The MUGAs can have goals and hoops built in integral to the MUGA and remove the need to relocate or maintain sports equipment.

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