Security Rated Fencing

The primary focus of fencing is to remove or reduce the risk of theft, trespass or escape. For some critical properties, this is increased to a level where tested and certified fencing is required. Security fencing should prevent or significantly delay climbing, cutting or tunnelling by intruders, thus rendering the property and its contents safe. This can be achieved through a combination of anti-climb heavy duty steel fence panels, anti tamper fixings, burying panels and increasing the height of fencing – Perimeter Solutions have installed security fencing up to 8m high previously.

LPS1175 security rated fencing is tested in simulated conditions, and given a rating based on its performance. Perimeter Solutions are able to offer the supply and installation of fencing meeting the following security ratings:

  • A1 (SR1)
  • B3 (SR2)
  • C5 (SR3)
  • D10 (SR4)

Examples of property requiring security rated fencing that Perimeter Solutions are able to offer our services to include:

  • Warehouse/Distribution Warehouses
  • Data Centres
  • Plant Depots
  • Courts, Detention Centres & Prisons
  • Special Educational Needs Schools
  • Ticketed Sports Venues
  • High Value/High Risk Residential Property

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