Acoustic Boundary Fencing

Acoustic fencing’s primary goal is to reduce noise, by either reflecting it away or absorbing it. Perimeter Solutions are able to offer various versions of both reflective and absorptive fencing, in a range of styles and materials. We can help select systems on the market to meet your specific noise reduction requirements.

In order to reduce noise, Acoustic Fencing is generally 1.8m or higher, and as such it doubles as an effective security fence due to this height and offering no footholds for climbing. Perimeter Solutions have installed acoustic fencing up to 6m high, with it being possible to go even higher.

Examples of property requiring Acoustic fencing that Perimeter Solutions are able to offer our services to include:

  • Warehouse/Distribution Warehouses
  • Industrial Estates
  • Plant Hire Depots
  • Storage Yards
  • Schools
  • Sports Venues
  • Plant Compounds

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