September 2015
Rooftop MUGAs, School Railings, Vertical Bar Railings, Private: Automation, Steel Gates, Palisade Fencing, Steel Bespoke

Our rooftop football pitch at Harlesden Primary School may not be the most famous pitch in Wembley, but it is certainly the highest! PSL worked with our client ISG and CLD Fencing systems to design a retro-fit MUGA to the existing building roof and included full design calculations, with a safe system of work established during the design phase. As well as the rooftop fencing, a full roof netting was installed to prevent balls being kicked off the roof.

Other works at the school involved upgrading the low level walls with 358 anti-climb weldmesh to create a secure line to meet ‘Secure by Design’ guidelines, anti-trap multi coloured playground fencing, automated gates and matching existing ornate railings.